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Dazzling Disco Show

Formats available: 
In person, Livestream

Show Description

Come spend an hour at the disco with The Sparklettes and groove to the tunes from Kool & The Gang, Gloria Gaynor, The Bee Gees and more!   

Get down to the disco vibe and we’ll all “Do the Hustle” together (We’ll teach you the moves so that you can do this dance sitting or standing.) 

Celebrate good times, come on!

Performance Photos

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Song Selections Include

  • Celebration
  • Dancing Queen
  • I Will Survive
  • September
  • Stayin’ Alive
  • The Hustle
  • We Are Family
  • YMCA


  • In person:  $300 in Toronto.  Travel added in $50 increments relative to distance.
  • Livestream ZOOM:  $300
  • Prerecorded Video not available
  • All prices subject to HST
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