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Fun in the Sun Show

Formats available: 
In person, Livestream

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Show Description

Let’s spend an hour at the beach. 

We’ll bring our picnic basket packed with goodies, our beach ball, excellent beach surfing tunes and we’ll wear our bikinis…that is bikinis circa 1925!

It’s always good weather so let’s dive in together!

Performance Photos

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Song Selections Include

  • Beach Boys Medley
  • Hot Diggety Dog
  • Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer
  • Red Sails in the Sunset
  • Sea Cruise
  • Somewhere Beyond the Sea
  • Surf City
  • Under the Boardwalk


  • In person:  $300 in Toronto.  Travel added in $50 increments relative to distance.
  • Livestream ZOOM:  $300
  • Prerecorded Video not available
  • All prices subject to HST
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